Now for something on the thin end of the Unicorn motorcycle scale, a genuine, original, Harris-built F1 Kawasaki. According to Mr. Steve Harris, the builder and designer of this famous frame series, this motorcycle is one of only 8 units built by himself and brother Lester to race in the British F1 series in the mid-1980s.

Steve told me the story that he and Harris’s development rider Asa Moyce scrambled to inspect and measure up a works Suzuki racer that had retired during a race at Silverstone, if I recall correctly. According to Steve, he and Lester did their best to copy the geometry of the Suzuki to then produce their own F1s.

Then, the story goes, some of the top brass at Suzuki issued Harris with a lawsuit to cease production. At that point, they had completed only eight units, a couple of which may have been supplied to Jim Wells and Moyce in support of their respective campaigns in the F1 series at the time. It is my understanding that Moyce was a Harris Performance employee during the period.

Jim Wells was a highly respected tuner at the time, while Moyce was also a very successful racer who later piloted a Bimota YB4EI.

This actual bike is one of the eight units mentioned above. At some later point in its life, it was registered and licensed for road use in Britain before finding its way onto Irish soil in the late ’90s.

I acquired this bike, then known as “Sexual Harris-Ment” in 2002 on a trade-in for a Suzuki GSX-R1100. Many years later, I started to restore the complete machine before getting a call of a job offer at the company in Toronto that I had left 11 years earlier. Only 13 days later, I was on an aircraft bound for Toronto and the rest is history!

If anyone has any more of the history on “Sexual Harris-Ment” or the other seven units, I’d really appreciate hearing from from you through a PM. This morning, I’ve pulled the bike out for an evaluation to see what’s there and what’s needed to finish it.

The spec, so far, is:

  • Harris F1 tubular frame
  • Harris aluminum cantilever swingarm
  • WP rear strut
  • Forcella Italia 40mm quick-release endurance forks
  • Dymag magnesium wheels
  • Brembo brakes
  • Harris aluminum fuel tank
  • Brand new Harris fibreglass

The scope here is to rebuild/finish the whole bike to its former glory then advertise in search for a new owner. Please feel free to share this post!