Meticulous Moto Restorations

Paul Murphy with his immaculate Bimota SB2 at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles.

Meticulous Moto Restorations delivers superlative motorcycle restoration work, giving clients the utmost in confidence their machines will receive unparalleled care.

MMR is operated by Paul Murphy, a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast who credits a lust for knowledge and genuine interest in mechanical things for what brought him to the business of detail-oriented moto restorations, but his fascination with motorcycles is also backed by a lifetime of experience, training, apprenticeship, books, and a relentless pursuit of excellence at everything he does.

Born and raised in Ireland, Murphy bought his first motorcycle as a complete basket case when he was just 14 years old. His twin-cylinder two-stroke Yamaha 125 was fully restored during the following months, solidifying his passion for motorcycles and putting in the efforts to craft them as perfectly as they possibly can be, no matter the budget. Murphy’s mechanical fascination was further piqued while spectating at roadracing events in Ireland as he studied various motorcycles and mechanical components in the pits, like Harris frames, Yamaha TZs and two-stroke combustion chambers.

Paul Murphy back in the day with his Yamaha Seca 650.

Motorcycles were inextricably woven into his life, and his meticulous restoration efforts were honed while rebuilding motorcycles in his personal collection. His excellent attention to detail was recognized with numerous awards collected at bike shows in England, Ireland and Canada and his machines have been featured in several UK motorcycle magazines.

Murphy brings a machinist license and millwright papers to his restoration trade, giving him the technical abilities and practical experience to fabricate nearly anything. In addition to his fabrication skills and his extensive experience rebuilding both two- and four-stroke engines, Murphy is also highly adept at rebuilding electrical systems or creating new ones from scratch. An intensely methodical mindset ensures no details ever get overlooked.

After Murphy relocated to Canada, his high-quality work has received attention in a variety of North American publications. He has also published numerous features about motorcycle restoration and performance improvements in the British press.

Paul Murphy with his prized Seeley Honda 750.

Murphy had operated his moto business under the Pro-Sport Performance banner, and in 2020 he has rebranded his operations under the Meticulous Moto Restorations moniker. Regardless of the name, Murphy continues to concentrate on his passion for restoring classic, vintage and performance motorcycles, with extensive experience with a diverse array of machinery such as Bimota, Harris Performance, Seeley, Moto Martin and Aprilia, as well as with classic Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda machines.

Murphy’s most recent highlight is his Bimota SB2 that is currently being featured at The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. In amongst exotic and priceless moto machines, Murphy’s immaculate SB2 was awarded as “Best Bike on Display” and “Peoples Choice.” during the opening ceremony in January 2020.

Murphy’s work on display at the famed Petersen Museum.

From his humble shop in Edmonton, Canada, Murphy and MMR provide an extensive range of services as a premier facility for classic motorcycle restoration in both Canada and the U.S. markets, with experience dealing with international shipping. From complete engine rebuilds to crafting electrical wiring harnesses to custom machining, it’s done to the highest levels through MMR, as well as media blasting, powder-coating, anodizing, zinc or chrome plating, and paint work.

Murphy remains an enthusiastic road rider and continues to participate in track days and performance riding schools. He has ridden racetracks in Ireland, England, Italy, Canada, and the U.S. His wife, Roisin, and 10-year-old son, Ryan, both share his passion for motorcycles.

Paul Murphy and his son, Ryan, alongside George Barber at the world-famous Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.