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A rear brake hose zip-tied onto the caliper’s torque arm is a second-class solution that wouldn’t suffice on this Bimota SB4-S, so I devised a super-sano way of delivering brake fluid from the master cylinder to the rear caliper, combining simplicity with style and engineering savvy.

The torque arm I designed comprises three main members and is constructed from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Each end of the arm is mounted in the conventional manner, with the forward end to the frame via an M8 rod-end bearing, while its rear end also uses an M8 rod end but here fixed to a custom-made hanger to allow the caliper to float in parallel with the movement of the swingarm.

From the master cylinder, a short stainless steel -3 brake hose enters into the torque arm between the front two members via a conventional banjo fitting. The middle section of the torque arm has a 2.8mm hole drilled along its length. At the rear end of the torque arm, another banjo fitting is fixed between the second and third members which deliver brake fluid directly to the caliper.

On this bike, I’ve used polished Goodridge stainless steel hardware with Goodridge hoses. The torque arm members are all polished then clear anodized. I designed and milled the carrier myself. This system has been on the bike for more than a decade with no issues whatsoever.

This is another example of the innovative solutions being engineered at MMR. Contact us to see what we can do for you!!!

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